The Revolution
of sports business
The Revolution
of sports
SoccerCoin is building a full blockchain ecosystem for the entire sports world, based on a digital currency for all payments. The big goal: Revolutionising sports through Fan Tokens, Sports NFTs, digital ticketing and Security Tokens generating a win-win situation for clubs, fans, business partners and sponsors.
SoccerCoin is...
… a digital currency designed for mass adoption in the sports business. We are building a blockchain-based sports infrastructure for supporting decentralization in sports business. Sports is here to stay and it exists for the fans. SoccerCoin will power a blockchain infrastructure with functions like digital tickets, issuing Fan Tokens, collecting sports moments via NFTs and issuing Security Tokens especially designed for sports.
An easily accessible Digital Currency for Sports Business
SoccerCoin will be the fuel of a blockchain ecosystem built for sports business, through membership tokenization, ticketing, merchandise and all types of payments – simply a blockchain-based infrastructure, easier and more comfortable for the fans, while producing recurring revenues for the clubs.
The real Revolution of Fan Tokens
Fan engagement in sports will be boosted by Fan Tokens to a new level. Membership tokenization is a concept way more complex than participating in surveys. Get involved in the life of the sports business, take decisions, get easier access to tickets, become a part of an exclusive group supporting your club and much more. Available for all types of sports and all types of teams. A perfect way for sports to strengthen the crowd and vice versa.
Security Tokens (STOs) for sports
Security Tokens especially designed for the sports business are the next big thing to happen. Decentralization of sports, with fans owning a part of the sports business as they love contributing e.g. for their new team stadium, will mean the next step in the industry. SoccerCoin will provide the full infrastructure solution for issuing Security Tokens for sports.
The next generation of sports collectibles - NFTs
Fans elevating their love for the game by owning the best highlights in sports with their favourite sports athletes: From legends to active footballers, racing drivers, tennis players or any other players in various areas of sports. Sell, trade, collect and earn access to exclusive collectibles via NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) directly from the fan’s preferred club or most liked athlete on the smartphone, laptop or computer.
NFT based
Smart Ticketing system
NFTs will shake up the ticketing industry. Guaranteed authentication, reduction of fraud, inclusion of additional required Smart Contracts (e.g. to satisfy health safety needs), all of them solved through smart tickets. Verifiable, interoperable, clear ownership while validating the authenticity of the ticket provides best possible safety for fans as well as for clubs.
Meet our team
Andreas Heigl
Former sprinter (100m/200m) - developed an international multi-million real estate company since 2003. With his IT and finance know-how plus his passion for sports and environment he has founded, financed and developed the SoccerCoin concept since 2018.
Jochen Ressel
Former ski instructor and epee sport fencer - developed international markets and digital- products-divisions of multinational companies and successfully established sales, marketing, and organisational strategies. He co-organised conventions for currency management.
Andreas Erschen
As the SoccerCoin-CSO, he primarily takes responsibility for Sales and Service structures. He has extensive experience in managing the necessary processes in these areas through his work for various international corporations.
Rene Pomassl
More than 15 years of experience in finance and IT, early adapter of blockchain technology. Worked as a stock market broker and programmer and founded Salamantex and for the mass adoption of blockchain based digital payment systems.
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Sports Business Advisors
Iker Casillas
Sports Business Advisor
Football goalkeeper legend, former player of Real Madrid, FC Porto and captain of the Spanish National Team. Awarded as the World Goalkeeper of the Year, five times in a row. Advises SoccerCoin with his inside expert knowledge.
Thierry Henry
Sports Business Advisor
Former French football player and current football coach. Played for AS Monaco, Juventus Turin, FC Arsenal, FC Barcelona and as a part of the French National Team. A highly valuable advisor for our project with his knowledge as a player and as a football manager.
Romain Grosjean
Sports Business Advisor
Former swiss-french Formula 1 driver with 180 starts and 10 podium positions now turned to the Indycar series with Dave Cayne Racing. Additionally, he is an expert in banking and finance and a successful entrepreneur.
Business Advisors
Martin Reiss
International Sports Manager
A world-wide known sports expert in the fields of world cup skiing, tennis, football and Formula 1. Managing Partner of Allsport Promotion, advises Bernie Ecclestone and manages several athletes. Board member of SoccerCoin.
Sorin Diaconu
Product Advisor
Product specialist with 6 years of experience in the industry, fluent in managing technical projects. Worked with several projects in business and marketing departments.
Sergiu Draganus
NFT Advisor
Serial entrepreneur with a passion for blockchain technology. Keynote speaker on crypto currencies, blockchain technology and NFTs. Angel Investor with several advisory positions.
Artem Trofymenko
Compliance Advisor
Compliance expert with focus on financial markets and crypto assets. Advisor in multiple FinTech and crypto projects all around Europe and Africa.
Niall Murray
Digital Payment Systems Advisor
15 years of experience as a founder and consultant of several companies, expert in the field of electronic goods and their production, mentored companies and start-ups in digital transformation processes, strategic development and international partnerships.
Peter Oskar Miller
Data Security and IT Systems Advisor
Leaded the way for the digital mass adoption and is a member of the committee for the development of international data protection policies (e.g. GDPR). Consulting expert for the cyber security hotline of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.
Fabrice Chartrer
Advisor FR, Benelux, Africa
An internationally acting entrepreneur in the field of Capital and Asset Management and with strong connections to the football world - not only in France, but also in geographical regions with strong connections to France, e.g. the Benelux and French-speaking African countries.
Jessica Borg
Virtual Financial Asset Agent, Grant Thornton
Wayne Pisani
Virtual Financial Asset Agent, Grant Thornton
Russel Camilleri
Tax Advisor, Grant Thornton
Grant Thornton Limited - SoccerCoin’s official VFA agent
Our Partners
Endorsed by...
soccercoin Speed, safety and innovation are the conditions to win – that certainly applies to football and all areas of sports as well. SoccerCoin includes all these features!
Romain Grosjean
Indycar racing driver, former F1 driver
soccercoin I’m not afraid of big jumps. On the contrary: I made it my profession. Daring big jumps is also the philosophy of SoccerCoin … and that excites me.
Senad Grosic
BMX Pro-Rider
soccercoinNo other digital currency in the world has so far managed to support as many areas including e- sports. Truly unique!
Mario Viska
Pro E-Sport-Gamer
soccercoin The entire SoccerCoin concept of a digital currency for sports which also includes social and ecological responsibility convinced me from the start.
Mensur Suljovic
Word-class Darts-Player
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